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2015 Mar.Harpha Sea, Slovenia,
Mapping the seabed, MBES, GPS, magnetometer
Dukley Marina Budva
Logistics, working boat

2015 Jan-May Dukley Marina Budva
Work on preparing the season, mooring system,
Chains, ropes, weights 2.5 t,

2014.Jan  - Dec Dukley Marina Budva
Service berths and yachts

2014. May-Aug Nexans Norway AS, Oslo, Norway
Research works power cable Italy-Montenegro, two routes,
Logistic and work
Jet probing, recording a route with HD camera, sampling,…
Work boat, diving,….

2014 Jul-Aug Terna Montenegro, Maritime Environmental Engineering POLISERVIZI SRL Roma, Italy
Drilling, drill holes, coastal area, the sea bottom up to a depth 15 m in the sediments,
Logistics and works

2014.Jul-Aug Naval Service SRL Roma, Italy
Work platform Bar-Budva, Logistics and works2013 Sep-2014.maj Coastal Consulting Exploration, Bari, Italy

2013 Sep-2014.May Research works power cable Italy-Montenegro, route one
Logistics and works.
Coastal Consulting Exploration, Bari, Italy.
MBES  , side scan sonar, magnetometer, ROV to 55 m depth.
Vibracore , Sparker.
Sampling, jet probing, photo documentation, camera HD.
Probe , assembly, disassembly to 40 m depth.

2013 July-2014.May Geoprojekt Podgorica, Montenegro
Monitoring research works
Logistics at sea , photo and video documentation.

2013 Jan-Dec MC Marina Budva
Marine works, service of berths and boats

2013 February EXPLORING dooNiksic, Montenegro
The route of the pipeline connection to the collector Zavala Becici

Research work, jet probing, HD recording field, Minelab metal detector,
GPS positioning, mapping the seabed,...
Mapping, route inspection, HD recording

2012 Jan-Dec MC Marina Budva
The project, setting, pontoons and mooring systems to Budva marina.
Service, moorings and boats in the marina.

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